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VARIO S 400 - Professional furnace for the synthesis of dioxide zirconium

Product code: 19-010001
9290 n.u.

VARIO S 400.

Characteristics and properties

Low consequential costs

The high energy efficiency of 1.12 W/cm3 and the innovative control of the heating are responsible for low consequential costs in the daily use of the furnace. In addition, they guarantee a long service life of the individual molybdenum disilicide elements (MoSi2), which can be replaced individually in case of failure

Individual sintering process

Time and energy efficiency play an important role in the modern dental laboratory. Therefore not only conventional sintering cycles, but also speed processes can be programmed in the S400 in order to be able to work with the greatest cost-effectiveness. All heating phases (maximally five) allow the free input of a heating rate from 1 °C to 100 °C/min. The sum of all holding times is 420 minutes at the most.

Time-Temperature-Cooling (TTC)

The proven TTC mode (time-temperature-cooling) is available to you in the VARIO S400. The special feature of this process is that the sintered objects are returned to room temperature in an actively controlled, linear cooling process in order to avoid damage.

Power-Fail-Control (PFC), die Assistenz bei Stromausfall

In case of an unforeseen brief interruption in the power supply, the PFC is activated: the electronics then decides whether the sintering process is aborted or ended normally, depending on the temperature loss that occurs. In any case, at the end of the program the user is informed on the display of the duration of the interruption during a ramp-up or holding phase so that the quality of the sintered object can be assessed.

Molybdenum-Disilicide heating elements for Speed- and long-term sintering processes

The four molybdenum disilicide heating elements ensure the homogeneous distribution of heat in the firing chamber. Zirconium frameworks are manufactured to the highest quality standards, whether a conventional sintering process or the time and energy-saving speed process is used.

2-levels sintering dishes with large firing chamber

The newly developed Zubler sintering dish system is characterized by special material characteristics in daily use. In a similar way to a thermal protective shield, the high-purity material ensures a homogeneous distribution of the temperature inside the carrier and protects the sintering objects against discolorations.

Regeneration program for constantly renewable heating elements

This program protects against the „burning“ of the heating elements. A sort of protective layer is thereby formed on the surface of the heating rods and prevents deterioration in the effectiveness of the heating. The service life of the heating elements is noticeably extended.

USB port for easy data transfer

Easy data transfer and program backup via USB data carrier

Complete set:

Heat-insulating socle, small = 1 piece, heat-insulating socle, big = 1 piece, granules for sintering (40g) = 1 piece, granules for sintering (200g) = 1 piece. dividing ring = 1 pc, set of multifunctional bowl, double = 2 sinks for sintering and 1 lid for the bowl, flash card (drives) Zubler = 1 pc, cable for connection = 1 pc.


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