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HT–2/M/ZIRKON–120 - Furnace for sintering zirconium dioxide

Product code: 9650
12290 n.u.


HT-2 - even more efficient due to a larger capacity

Due to the size of the heating chamber, it is now possible to process three sintering trays Ø= 120mm during the conventional long-term sintering. However, the heating system with six high-quality molybdenum disilicide heating elements (MoSi2) enable you to carry out processes within 76 minutes in a SPEED-sintering process. These represent optimal prerequisites for your dental laboratory or milling centre.

As with all our model variants, the HT-2 is operated with a simple, self-explanatory program control. 4-line LCD-display, timer function for overnight sintering, drying programs for wet-milled restorations. There are three service programs for servicing the heating chamber and the heating system.

  • High purity molybdenum-disilicide heating elements PRO
  • Max. temperature 1650°C
  • Heating-chamber capacity 3x Ø 120/30 mm
  • Program control (LCD-display, 4 stages, 30 program capacity)
  • Service programs
    A - Temperature control*
    only in conjunction with test-kit
    C-Purge heating chamber
    E- Regenerate heating elements
  • Thermocouple PtRh-Pt, type S
  • Temperature accuracy at 1500°C +/-3°C
  • Timer function


Technical information HT-2/M/ZIRKON-120
Power max. 3800 W
Voltage range / frequency 200-240 V / 50-60 Hz
Weight 74 kg
Dimensions W/D/H 500/560/820 mm
Process capability
Max. temperature
Heating elements
Number of heating elements 6
Heating-chamber height 102 mm
Max. heating-chamber capacity
120/30 mm


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