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TABEO – 2/M/METAL–120 - Metal Sintering Furnace

Product code: 9290
10900 n.u.


Safe and fit for the future

There are three models available to select from for sintering non-precious metal (NEM). All of these models work under inert gas atmosphere to protect the non-precious metal from scaling.

Choose from two long-lasting non-precious metal sintering systems. For the metal system 100, the shielding-gas supply is system-controlled. In addition to some pre-set material parameters, free programs are available. This guarantees safety. For the metal system 120, on the other hand, the shielding-gas supply can be adjusted manually. In addition to a high level of safety the customer can be sure to have the freedom to adapt the system to new kinds of metal material in the future.


  • High purity molybdenum-disilicide heating elements;
  • Maximum temperature 1400°C;
  • Sintering system,  Ø 120; METAL (kit);
  • Program control (7-segment LED, 4 stages, 9 program capacity, 4 fixed programs);
  • Shielding-gas supply with manual adjustment;
  • Thermocouple PtRh-Pt, type S;
  • Timer function;

Complete set:

Sintering furnace TABEO-2 = 1pc, including power cord = 1pc, balls for sintering YTZ, 1.25 mm; 280 gr = 1 piece, sintering system, 120 mm; METAL (set) = 1 piece, tube for argon supply, 2.5 m = 1 piece, tongs = 1 piece


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